Piano Lessons in Burlington

Learn to play the piano with proven methods that make learning fun.

Personalized piano lessons for students of all ages and skill provided by Mario Commisso. An expert of 30+ years in teaching piano to his students, Mario’s unimposing teaching style and passion make learning the piano both easy and fun!

Piano lessons are perfect for children where skills learned spill over into everyday life, improving focus and self-esteem. Great for adults, learning to play the piano can help you relax, explore a love for music and take existing skill to the next level.


Experience passed on to you

Mario has been teaching piano for 30+ years and has instructed students of all ages and skill. Music has always been part of Mario's life having completed Grade 10 Piano and Pedagogy Training at the Avila Music Centre in Thunder Bay. Mario regularly performs for audiences in and around the Burlington area with two published music albums to his credit. With extensive piano teaching, performing and recording experience, Mario's knowledge and teaching style makes learning the piano fun.

Professional yet casual learning environment

Being comfortable while you learn is key to success which is why Mario provides a professional home studio learning environment in Burlington. Piano lessons are provided at competitive rates in-line with local music schools.

An unimposing and passionate teaching style

Mario's teaching style makes learning the piano fun! Perfect for students of all ages from those who have never played to those with existing skill they wish to build on. Mario sets customized piano teaching programs to suit your needs. Students immediately warm up to learning and have fun with easy to understand and personal instruction.


Mario has over 30 years of experience as a piano teacher/coach and musician. Over the years he’s prepared many students for Royal Conservatory and Conservatory Canada examinations. He believes in motivating students by starting with music they enjoy or are familiar with. Mario prefers to adapt his curriculum and teaching style to the student. He can teach them to play any style that interests them, Ensuring that they are engaged and passionate about learning the piano. Every student will develop the skills necessary for learning pop/contemporary music, including improvising techniques.

Students can start lessons as early as age 5, and can be in a group or one-on-one setting. Mario begins with an individual in-person/online meeting to determine if there is a good fit between teacher and student, and what everyone’s expectations of the lessons will be. Mario will keep in regular contact with the student’s parents to keep them informed of the student’s progress. Please note: Mario does not offer in-home lessons.

Group Lessons Available

Group lessons are perfect for piano players of all skill levels, and provide many benefits for students. Mario offers group lessons for groups of 4-5 people at a time. Playing in a group helps students gain personal confidence by playing in front of others, as well as broadening their musical exposure. Mario believes that students can learn a great deal from other students, and groups can help motivate students and establish a great sense of spirit. This group teaching style makes learning piano fun and provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere with students of similar ages.


  • As an adult, eager to relearn how to play piano and read music, I feel very fortunate to have had Mario as my teacher. Not only was I inspired by his talents as a pianist, his style of teaching kept me engaged, motivated and growing.
    Lauren Robertson
  • As an adult who had not played the piano in 20 years, wanting to get back into it felt intimidating. After my first couple of lessons I felt inspired, challenged yet confident, and without a doubt, I knew I had chosen the right teacher. Mario is a very patient teacher, and he seems to know exactly how I learn and adapts his teaching to fit the way I pick up on things.
    Anne Marie Flavell
  • Mario is an amazing piano teacher. My 8 year old son and I very much enjoy our lessons. Mario is personable, knowledgeable, patient and kind. His creativity, skill and love for music inspires us to continually try to improve. We would highly recommend Mario.
    Julie Stanchieri
  • Mr. Mario has been providing lessons for my children for the last four years and has become a wonderful coach, mentor and trusted friend to the family. His teaching method is gentle and patient, but he also emphasizes the importance of self-discipline and personal responsibility - two fundamental skill sets for succeeding at piano.
    Gina C. van den Burg
  • Mario is one-of-a-kind teacher that your child will remember forever. My child started Music with Mario 7 months back. It is amazing to see how Mario interacted with my child to understand the expectations and his skill level. Mario’s dynamic approach to teach music met my child’s learning expectations, speed and it was challenging too. His classes are attractive, engaging and enjoyable. He brought my child’s music skills to an unimaginable level within past 7 months. I highly recommend Mario!
  • Mario offers a good middle ground of classical theory, techniques, mixed up with the choice of music that I enjoy playing to inspire me to practice more and learn faster. For more than two years I am his student and I’m looking forward for many more years of piano lessons by Mario. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious to learn piano.
    Mahtab Magen Riahi


A students success in music is a direct reflection of the teaching they received.
1994: Western Ontario Conservatory of Music, Silver Medal winner for Grade 2 Pianoforte, Greer. H
2021: Conservatory Canada, awarded Excellence for Grade 3 piano exam, Nathaniel. S


All packages are for 1 on 1 lessons. Group lessons are also available, please contact for a quote.


30 min $110 / month
RCM Grade 1 - 3
45 min $140 / month
RCM Grade 1 - 3
60 min $160 / month
RCM Grade 4 - 7
60 min $180 / month
RCM Grade 8
60 min $200 / month
Pop & Improv
Advanced RCM
60 min $200 / month


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